Yoga to be effective has to be an integral part of one’s daily life.

It is not limited to practising asana and pranayama.

More than intellectual exploration, only through practice can one realise the goal of yoga.

The practice is holistic and permeates the physical, emotional, mental, and spirtual fields.

Regular practice removes toxins and impurities bringing effortless ease and comfort in daily life.

Guidance of a realised master facilitates moving into the higher stages of yoga.

The ideal attitude while starting is one of adventure and learning. Too many expectations in the preliminary stage may disappoint, as results are often visible only after sustained practice of a few weeks.

If you are a beginner and would like to know more you can read the articles on the publications section or practice some of the exercises given in the downloads section. If you are already familiar with the concept of yoga, check out the advanced practices of Hamsa Yoga.


Jyoti Subramanian

One Master, One Disciple
A Thrilling Spiritual Adventure
By Jyotii Subramanian

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“I wait for enlightenment, to feel something profound
for the light to show me the way
but there is no one to be my mentor, without tether I drift.
no ideology, no philosophy; no remembrance of my self
I see, I feel. I experience all the miseries… not my own
baffled by circumstances, I weep, berate, cry, scorn
my protection…a lack of conviction; a wall of prejudice and pretence


Fearless and free I move, I was here when the earth spun as a ball of fire
through the ice ages I watched; fishes kissed me as I sat
- a rock at the bottom of the sea. I crawled with the first amphibians
the early birds that took flight- I flew with them

I have felt the thrill of the hunter, the sheer panic of the hunted has been mine
through the ages I have been oppressor and the oppressed

today a dewdrop is waiting
to fall into the ocean

- written in 1998
© Copyright Jyoti Subramanian 2007-08. All rights reserved.